Back Office for Staffing Companies

Zynergia can help your staffing company achieve scale, lower costs, increased cash availability, and the ability to enter States that previously would not be accessible to you.  As a full functional PEO, Zynergia already has the back office well in hand.  We administer payroll, workers compensation, benefits, human resource requirements at a volume and efficiency that small to medium staffing companies can rarely achieve.  We also leverage our economies of scale, efficiencies, and volume to reduce your costs (even on an outsourced basis to us).  We also offer payment terms that will effectively increase your cash flow.  In addition, because of risk management mitigation efforts, size of our risk pool, and insurance design, we can effectively limit the impact of adverse significant claim impacts and experience modification rate negative trends. 

As your back office, we can white label our services and offerings, effectively becoming unseen to your clients, leaving you with the total focus upon the business of recruiting, sourcing, and placing in the front office.