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Workers’ Compensation – Alternate Market

PEO potential clients may have one of the below or similar situations for which the PEO’s workers’ compensation and risk management program may be of help:

  • A risk with a challenging WC class that the traditional WC market no longer wants to write, or the costs have become prohibitive.
  • A risk with a high experience mod that adversely affects the total premium.
  • A risk that has experienced some challenging loss history (shock losses, uncontrolled claim frequency or severity).
  • A risk with multi-state exposure (inability to obtain appropriate separate policies, etc.).
  • A risk that requires specific coverage and/or endorsements that cannot be obtained through the policy form being used, or the carrier is not willing to accommodate.

Zynergia’s risk management program and workers’ compensation policy designs can be the answer to all the above issues under the PEO model. Also, as experts in risk and claims management, Zynergia will assist in reducing adverse claim trends by utilizing its safety services, advanced risk management techniques, and available correction resources. With the anticipated reductions in consideration, the client company will be reviewed and assessed by Zynergia during the underwriting process. An appropriate anticipated loss pick can be applied generally, offering a favorable premium result versus the stock market. The EMR trending can be reduced over a several-year period while with Zynergia.